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Calendar 2016-2017


Thursday 1st September 2016 to
Friday 21st October 2016

Half Term
Monday 24th October 2016 to
Friday 28th October 2016


Monday 31st October 2016 to
Tuesday 20th December 2016


Christmas Break
Wednesday 21st December 2016 to
Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall within the Christmas Break

Wednesday 4th January 2017 to
Friday 10th February 2017

Half Term
Monday 13th February 2017 to
Friday 17th February 2017


Monday 20th February 2017 to
Friday 31st March 2017

Spring Break
Monday 3rd April 2017 to
Monday 17th April 2017

The Easter religious festival falls within the spring break

Tuesday 18th April 2017 to
Friday 26th May 2017

Half Term
Monday 29th May 2017 to
Friday 2nd June 2017

May Day
Monday 1st May 2017

Monday 5th June 2017 to
Friday 21st July 2017

Summer Break
Monday 24th July 2017 to
to be advised


Events Calendar 2016-2017

Sept 1st
Sept 2nd
Sept 19th
Oct 12th
Oct 19th
Oct 20th
Oct 31st
Nov 7th
Nov 11th
Nov 30th
Dec 15th
Dec 16th
Dec 19th-20th

Jan 6th
Jan 16th
Feb 7th
Feb 8th
Feb 20th-Mar 3rd
Mar 2nd
Mar 8th
Mar 24th
Mar 24th
Mar 22nd
Mar 29th

April 26th
May 26th
Jun 28th
Jun 30th
Jun 5th - 9th
Jun 7th
July 5th
July 11th - 13th
July 14th
July 19th
July 21st

INSET DAY – school closed for children
INSET DAY – school closed for children
INSET DAY – school closed for children
Diwali Assembly (Hindu) - 1.30pm
Black History Celebration
Maths Challenge Day
INSET DAY – school closed for children
Remembrance Day Assembly – 10:30am
Parents' Evening 1
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Fair
Christmas Assemblies (Christian)

History Day
Worled Religion Day
Safer Internet Day
Nirvana Assembly (Buddhist) - 1.30pm
Whole School Art Project
World Book Day
Purim Assembly (Jewish) - 1.30pm
Whole School Music Concert
Red Nose Day
Parents' Evening 2
Easter Assembly (Christian) – 1:30pm

Vasaikhi Assembly (Sikh) – 1:30pm
UNICEF: Day for Change
Eid-Ul-Fitr Assembly (Muslim) – 1:30pm
Open Futures Day
Science Week
Science Fair
Parents' Evening 3
Sports Days
International Food Fair
Transition Day
Leavers’ Assembly